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Travel for us started, like all small things, with a microcosm of movement in 2007. It was a bike ride to a hill station named Saputara in Gujarat with a group of friends on an ageing but iconic two-wheeler- Yamaha RX 100 which kindled the love for road trips. The bike trip was of epic scale. We took 8 hours to cover a distance of 220 km. How neat was that!  To our utter surprise, we found that we could relate to the very idea of “tar-mic” ( if we may frame a new word) form of travel. Lots of our arguments got settled amidst large gulps of air and flies. We still have the Yamaha by the way.

Like all bikers say, once you like the taste of the wind gushing through your helmet visor, life shifts. ( Ok… we made it up) For us it did. Royal Enfield Bullet made its entry into our lives. We started traveling on the Bull. Destinations did not matter. We do not have the badge of Khardungla on our sleeves, but we do have Bundi and Tellicherry! After our son came into our lives, the bike rides became rare, but the love bug for travel had already bit us. Two became four… we mean the wheels, Bro.

Most of our travel is random and seldom backed by elaborate hotel bookings. We would generally fix the direction as the last bag gets loaded into the car.  Sridhar can guide you to all the hotels we stayed and places we visited. Hotels for us means a clean place to fuel up and rest our head and back for the night.  We travel at least 4 times a year, out of which three are random, and the last one generally being lazy, relaxing one.

Heck, travel anyhow became the mantra. Fly, swim, by road…nothing mattered, The idea was to keep moving.

Sometime in March 2016, we started blogging. By some miracle, our writings could attract decent readership although the frequency could have been better. In a city like Mumbai, we spend 4 hours traveling souped in a tin box ( be it either car or much-revered local train). Only the writing tapered but not the travel.  Then an idea began to germinate in our minds. Why do not we start a full-fledged travel website which would house our travel stories and also at the same time cater to those set of people who love traveling the extra mile? Sridhar has taken the big step and has “de-corporatized” himself.

We, at Lifemileage, aim to influence you to travel to those places we have been.  Travel…deaccelerate…increase your Lifemileage.

A wee bit more about the Authors


Loves history. Can frequently be found running his hands on a fort wall or hugging a temple pillar or staring at broken pieces of ancient pots.  Generally cancels correctly booked train/flight tickets and ends up taking his family on a road trip.

Out and out lover of Mother Nature. Free flowing and effervescent. Goes immobile at the sight of sunrise or sunset from Bengal to Belgaum!  A legal professional and hence promulgates laws at home also.
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