We featured in Outlook Traveller!

Dear Reader,

Absolutely delighted that an article of mine got featured in India’s leading travel website “ Outlook Traveller”. Thank you for supporting my writing with words of encouragement and advice.

Link to my article is not-just-hampi-make-sure-you-visit-lakkundi-too

Hope you will enjoy reading it and in case you have not subscribed to my articles, I request you to do so! Please scroll below and punch in your email address!





Comments to We featured in Outlook Traveller!

  • There are often times when one would have travelled by eyes and not by heart. Even if heart was put in, it would not have synced with the energy there in to read and understand the unseen beauty.

    Sridhar, you have got the magic to turn your writing to make one feel and see such beautiful places, just by reading.

    Wonderfully written, Keep writing and help us to know unknown treasure of India. Great work, Stay blessed

    Santosh Menon November 25, 2019 11:31 am Reply

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