Bogawe !!!

Ashikeen and her family had been to Bogawe which is near Vengurla, Maharashtra . Read her account of the pristine beach

This article has been written by my friend Ashikeen Dharamsey with all credits.

Sometimes through a stroke of Providence we get the opportunity to be an exuberant kid who is gaping in glee, open mouthed at a wonderful surprise that comes unexpectedly its way.  Nature acted like a Genie silently unfolding its clenched fist and unravelling a jewel which we were totally unprepared for as we were charmed by the magical, unparalleled beauty of the Malvan shoreline.Bogwae1

To get away from the madness of the city humdrum we sought a weekend holiday post a hectic family wedding in Kolhapur. We zeroed in on Bogawe in the Vengurla region of Sindhudurg , located 170 kms from Kolhapur .. . The nearest railhead is Kudal. Another 100 kms  of drive from Bogawe would take you to Goa

But believe you me, you wouldn’t feel the need for it at all since you would get all of what Goa tourism seekers  seek…. and more…. all right here….wind , sand , gorgeous  sunsets , starry nights  at this little sleepy village with zero connectivity . This is the closest that you can come to nature.

The waters are crystal blue, soft light brown sand. Homestay like Samant beach resort offers ultra-modern, comfortable rooms at very economic rates. It is located on the beach with orchards of mango, cashew , betelnut and coconut gently swaying to the rustle of the wind and constantly echoing with the soft roar of the tide that ebbs intermittently.

Since this village is just on the verge of waking up to eco-tourism anything that you desire to do can be arranged to suit your tastes and schedules…boat ride through the backwaters, crab and prawn catches followed by a barbecue on an island nearby , sumptuous meals would be a sea food lover’s delight.

A cross over from the beach by a fisherman’s boat scaling the mighty waves would take you to the Tsunami Island. My 7 year old didn’t know where to start off …. Water sports / parasailing / kayaking/ sea shells hunting, just swimming away in the cool, blue , shallow waters …

Fortunately he did it all at an easy pace since the whole island was open to us….As far as the eyes could trace out there were green rolling stretches cradling the sparkling blue which occasionally foamed into frothing white waves gently lapping the soft hues of brown sand.

For those inclined to life under water, the coastline also offers options in snorkelling and scuba diving with trained divers … with the facility to capture the moment on video professionally for you.

For the lily livered like me who seek nothing but to gaze into the calm blues, the highlight of the trip was when our Man Friday , Sunaad who was driving us through the region insisted we see Shivaji’s Fort near Nivati beach.  I reluctantly conceded after lot of insistence wondering why we should tramp into ruins when the roar of the waves made such sweet music.

When we arrived the sun was a red ball of fire about to dip into the ocean and Sunaad hurried us up a ‘tekdi” . We clambered up and walked through a bit of bramble till we reached the edge of the cliff. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. The steep drop below looked upon a ribbon strip of endless ocean , beach and the coconut plantations. I do not know how long I sat watching the hues of the sunset with the wind whipping my face I was oblivious to the chatter of the kids, all  thoughts of my life back home on hold.

This holiday is one of those which lingers on in your memory and leaves you hungering for these family time outs…If I shut my eyes , I can still feel the soft sand below my feet, the dull roar of the waves ,the excited squeals of my kids splashing away , the aroma of freshly fried fish , the night of star gazing in the torchlight , the wandering through mango and cashew orchards

On the last day as we left Bogawe and headed to the Malvan market to pick out our stock of Ambevadi, jackfruit vadis, cashewnuts and the all famous malvan masala, I secretly gloated over the fact that we were fortunate enough to stay in that little paradise so far away from the madding crowd.

I told my husband that we had chanced upon this pearl in the oyster in its raw, untouched beautiful form right in our backyard when tour operators attempted to repackage Kerala backwaters and Goa beaches in every form possible.

 But considering its easy access to both road and rail connectivity, there is another tourism explosion poised to happen, of that I am so sure.

So before that occurs, wouldn’t it be foolhardy not to venture into Bogawe again?Bogwae2

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