Impromptu trip … contd..

Our bike trip traversed three states. Read on..

In my last article I wrote about impromptu trip; from the various reviews I received through Facebook, whatsapp, etc, I gathered that everyone yearns to have such trips. So I thought I will not let the momentum go waste and take you through one more impromptu trip we took.

*Let me tell you I don’t use fancy/ sophisticated language as I intend my blog to be an easy read for everyone, my punctuations are not driven by grammar but by the feelings associated, hence enjoy the ride.

In this blog I am not going to describe each place I visited in detail, it is merely going to be an over view. Description of each place will be through separate blogs. This trip of ours is not bound to area close to Mumbai. So I begin …..

 Both Sridhar and me had around accumulated 20 and odd days of leaves in our respective kitty. We are one of those who use our privilege leaves and do not carry them forward.

Stuck with packed routine we couldn’t plan our leaves. One January morning I can’t recollect who gave a call to whom but clearly remember it was Friday, we discussed and applied for a leave from the immediate Monday for 20 days. Surprisingly both were sanctioned leaves. We returned home in the evening and were wondering what to do now that the leaves were sanctioned. We had nothing planned. We discussed with Mom and sister in law (SIL), Mom had decided to stay with SIL for few days. We decided we will leave on our journey wherever the bike would take us. Saturday morning we packed for a 20 days trip, as terrain was not decided we had to pack considering various scenario.

This is what we packed in our cramster (we have only one standard size, so size of the luggage cannot expand). It was January hence a light chillness in Mumbai, we anticipated that we would ride through chilly mornings. We decided to carry jeans, track pants and lot of layering’s for the top. We carried tools, vehicle papers, bike oil, basic first aid kit, Olympus camera, decent amount of cash( due to uncertainty),we carried our Mobile & charger, our sleeping bags and chucked the bedsheet. Sleeping bag could not be accommodated in the cramster and we don’t carry anything in our hand or back during our trips, fortunately we had bungee cord which we used it to tie the sleeping bags with the handle @ back of the bike.  As it was winter, we were already wearing our jackets, socks, shoes, & helmet.


As we were unsure of our plans we not only filled fuel for the Vehicle but also for our tummy. During breakfast we discussed various options available, then concluded that lets head to Belgaum. Belgaum opens a lot of travel options as Hampi, Dandeli, Gokuk falls, Goa, etc are all doable.

We set off for Belgaum being our immediate target destination. On the way I check with JustDial for available hotels. Oops I am getting into details here, so let me get back for merely an overview. We reached Belgaum, and then each place takes us to the next. That’s the trail we followed without a plan in hand – Belgaum, ride through Anshi wild life sanctuary, Supa dam, Karwar (Kali River is breath taking), Kundapura, Udupi, Kollur, Mukambika, Murudeshwar (the Shiva idol in an interject land is mesmerizing), out of nowhere we also decide to do Coorg (Madikeri) (I can write 2 page article about it), from Coorg we cut into Kerala, Wayanad (our aunt stays there), from there the doors to Kerala open up, we then visited Calicut, Thalaserry, Goorvayur, Palakkad and returned to Mumbai via Bangalore.


Some random pictures … teasers

20 days passes by with each day being different. I will surely write about all these places separately in detail.

Till then keep reading !!!!

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