For the ones who are regular on the blog must have realized that Sridhar is more regular than me.. the rest … read all the articles you will realize what I am writing about.

While you would wonder why this title… my intention was merely to sit with a paper and scribble my thoughts. Hence may not be the most woven and sequential stream of writing… and as today it’s an e-world I babble about my thought here…… (Please do not expect much).

I am not going to write about a holiday destination being some 100 to 1000 Km away from where I stay ie. Thane.

Whatever I write below are my personal feelings and thoughts, you may or may not have similar ones. As am working (read    in    employment) like many others maintaining a balance between work and family becomes the biggest concern, and at home each one of us has different schedules…then comes SELF, Please pardon the placement.. It should actually be in the order “SELF, FAMILY & then WORK”.. Anyways every one has their own listing criteria.

So like every single day I wonder what’s the purpose of my existence…… just to run through the mundane routine… then I seek a little comfort in Spirituality, actually larger comfort. The 15-20 mins to the self means a lot… My husband used to run (marathons) regularly. He kept coaxing me but the adamant soul   didn’t budge, then the docs gave an ultimatum on weight reduction … slowly walking 1-2 km increased to 3-5 then short runs happened and guess what was the carrot … I could see and explore places close to my house on foot, by exploring places I don’t mean shopping malls and markets.

So let me now list down the places you may or may not know in THANE.

Kolshet Khadi – Well, we shifted to this place called Kolshet few years ago. I didn’t know about existence of a water body as close as 2 km away from my place. Khadi has been maintained quite well, it’s a place people can hangout. I have seen some awesome sunset and sunrises here. Occasionally you can see some boatmen on their job…… I have been told that this place was like an important port in the olden days (not sure about the authenticity, but can relate to it). Though Kolshet road is getting crowded by the day not many are aware about the Khadi… my morning runs to the khadi are blissful times ……it’s like a vacation each day I run on this route…….

Mama Bhanja Hills – Mama Bhanja is a hill located in Thane West, there are two hills, one is Mama Hill and other is Bhanja Hill. Mama Hill is the tall one while Bhanja is the shorter one. Mama Bhanja Hills’s base is at Lokmanya Nagar. I don’t completely recollect the story behind the Dargha’s of Mama and Bhanja being placed on the hillock, the trek is through dense trees (depleting forest).

Tikujiniwadi Hillock – Just at the entrance of Tikujiniwadi, one can spot an arch which would lead you through another part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The trek would take you about 30-45 mts depending upon your level of fitness. On the difficulty meter it is can be classified as an easy one. The trek ends on a grassy knoll and green meadows. You will be presently surprised on the existence of this place which offers you a fitness solution and natural beauty at the same time!

Yeoor Mountain – Lots have been  already spoken about Yeoor and ample information is already available on internet, however let me tell you what I know, Thane has changed drastically over years.. I remember times when our picnics used to be to Upwan lake and Yeoor.. the route to reach here, where ever our eyes could reach, used to be lush green irrespective of the seasons…. Times have changed today all we see are the concrete jungle , yet once you reach the base of Yeoor… (actually opp Upwan Lake), one will realize not much has changed in Yeoor… to reach the top … there are hairpin bends (cycling or driving) you will need the same competence as required in any Ghat section of Maharashtra. House to numerous trees, forms an integral part .. or should I say extended part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park…. Years ago there used to be a point called Safari Woods ….which had a lake .. the stories heard were that one could sight a Leopard and other wild  animals which would come to the lake to quench their thirst… Golden Swan has bought that area…. Yet till date there is existence of wild animals .. locals of Yeoor claim.. (Why do I use the word locals of Yeoor… as though part of Thane it’s still can be said to have a separate existence).

Upwan lake- have most of us heard about Nainital … and if you have been on boat rides and click pictures there then  you will realize .. Upwan is Nainital of Thane…surrounded by Yeoor hills picturesque… a boat ride … more or less maintained lake… there quite a few activity which happens in Upwan .. the famous one being UPWAN FESTIVAL, it’s also a training ground for various activities like, horse riding, karate, boxing , horse riding. On a Saturday or Sunday morning one would find photographers, painters in various corner of the lake….I have spotted a snake, monkeys, birds, etc.  I would love to add few pictures …. Let’s see may be a few weeks later…

Ghodbunder Khadi –  as Sridhar will tell the word “Ghodbunder” is derived from the “Ghoda” “Bunder” which means the place where the horses  would be transported .. till date we see boats in the Khadi, on the opposite side , on a small hillock, one can spot a beautiful and well maintained  Shiva temple.

Owlekar wadi – on the Ghodbunder road is a bus stop called Owla and 10 mins walk away is a butterfly park.. it is run by Rajendra Owlekar and others, host to various kinds of butterfly huge numbers for a city like thane.. few spiders,  lizard species etc, they have a mini museum giving out information.. People who visit this place are essentially the ones who are into bird photography, yet this place is a must visit for one and all.  We have some good photographs however we will post it some other time.

So take just few hours out from a week to enjoy such occasional holidays…. I will get back with more such local places around the Mumbai ….


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